Collage of things that occurred on the Bald Bearded Builder stream on Twitch.

Live-Coding to Learn, Share and Encourage

"Start Streaming." Two simple words. They seemed so innocent. How could I know that a small button with those words would bring such a large change to my life?

Who in the world would want to watch someone write code? Good question. But nearly two years ago I found myself watching Jeffrey Fritz wearing a pirate hat, playing sound bytes from "Dude, Where's My Car," and yes, writing C# on Twitch. The community he had built was welcoming and supportive and his approach of pair-programming with viewers while injecting humor really resonated with me.

At the time, I had been developing with C# for nearly 20 years, and had been leading a team of developers for 10 of those, but had never taken the time to attend a meet-up or conference. This was my first step into a developer community outside of my workplace and I was hooked.

I quickly became active in several technology Twitch streams and was sold on this medium for teaching and supporting developers. While I had supported and taught teams within my organization, I saw live-coding as a platform to positively impact even more people.

So finally, one afternoon in February, I pressed that small button with those now infamous words; "Start Streaming."

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Header used on Bald Bearded Builder stream

Current Twitch live-coding stream setup

I am still extremely new to streaming my coding sessions but I've been hooked watching streams like:

There are so many more good streams doing live-coding with all types of technology. So I've started working a lot more at trying to get my setup just right so I could live code some personal projects and hopefully help others learn new technologies.

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