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GitHub, AI, Figma, Visual Studio, & Microservices

What a week it’s been. We’ve had a summer cold running through the house. Super glad that seems to have passed and we’re all back to normal. It was actually good timing as we’ve had dangerous heat as well. So, we enjoyed the air-conditioned house as we took meds and rested.

I’m finally back to recording videos and I’m looking forward to the coming weeks as they start to drop on YouTube. If you love VS Code, programming, and/or dad jokes, I’ve got you covered. 😁 ​ Speaking of social platforms, have you been looking for a BlueSky invite? DM me on Twitter @michaeljolley. I’ve got 3 that are first come, first served.

Have a great week and I’ll see you online!


Interesting Finds

  • ​How to Get a GitHub Student Developer Pack: Are you a student or know one that is currently registered in a program that grants a degree or diploma? The GitHub Student Developer Pack includes a ton of benefits from Azure, DigitalOcean, NameCheap, 1Password, and more.
  • ​Top 50+ AI Coding Assistant Tools in 2023: I’ve heard of ChatGPT, GitHub CoPilot, and Bard, but wow, there are dozens of coding assistant tools out there. Have you tried any of these?
  • ​New Extension Manager in Visual Studio 2022: Looks like Visual Studio proper is taking a cue from Visual Studio Code with a new Extension Manager, making it a lot easier to identify extension to improve your development environment.
  • ​Learn a new Programming Language with Exercism: Jack in the Build with Me Discord shared a really interesting site, Exercism. It promises to help you become fluent in 67 programming languages. Their service is free, though you can get a subscription to add more capabilities.
  • ​Figma introduced Dev Mode: I’ve been designing in Figma for the last couple years, and I’m so excited about this announcement. Integration with tools like GitHub, Storybook, Jira, and more. Plus, the ability to copy out components to CSS.
  • ​Why Netflix Took a Bet on GraphQL: Netflix recently announced a big push to move their hundreds of microservices to GraphQL. This article provides some context and the plans they used to migrate it all.
  • ​Designing APIs for Humans: Paul Asjes (Stripe) has a great series on designing APIs that are easily consumed by humans, as well as the applications they’re building.
  • ​10 Microservice Patterns Software Engineers Should Know: Speaking of microservices, here’s a list of 10 great patterns that you should be familiar with as you’re architecting.
  • ​Good First Issues Don’t Exist: Want people to contribute to your open-source repositories? Brian Douglas (bdougie) has some great tips for how to be intentional in creating good “first issues” for people new to your codebase.
  • ​We Have Left the Cloud: David Hansson, CTO of 37Signals, discusses their journey to leave the cloud behind. 37Signals is the company behind products like Basecamp and HEY.

Build with Me Weekly

This week in the Build with Me Community:

Community Content

  • ​Raspberry Pi Pico Animates Babbage the Bear: Wayne is animating the Raspberry Pi’s Babbage the Bear mascot. It’s so cool that Tom’s Hardware had to give him a shout-out. Can’t wait to see how far he takes this project!
  • ​Microservices Circa 2005: Jack contemplated legacy code at his previous employer. He thought he was being “left behind” in technology, but was he really creating microservices before microservices were cool?

Thankful Thursday Highlights

Thankful for the rain we got over the past couple days. It’s been dry as can be here, and we needed the rain badly.


After me and the wife fighting summer colds this week, I’m thankful for a good nights sleep of no coughing, sniffling, etc.


Thankful for friends online and offline