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Finally, getting over summer colds running through the house and recording some videos.

What a week it’s been. We’ve had a summer cold running through the house. Super glad that seems to have passed and we’re all back to normal. It was actually good timing as we’ve had dangerous heat as well. So, we enjoyed the air-conditioned house as we took meds and rested.

I’m finally back to recording videos and I’m looking forward to the coming weeks as they start to drop on YouTube. If you love VS Code, programming, and/or dad jokes, I’ve got you covered. 😁 ​ Speaking of social platforms, have you been looking for a BlueSky invite? DM me on Twitter @michaeljolley. I’ve got 3 that are first come, first served.

Have a great week and I’ll see you online!


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Thankful for the rain we got over the past couple days. It’s been dry as can be here, and we needed the rain badly.


After me and the wife fighting summer colds this week, I’m thankful for a good nights sleep of no coughing, sniffling, etc.


Thankful for friends online and offline