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Better VS Code

Get the most out of Visual Studio Code with these tips, tricks, and extensions.

Build Unity games in VS Code!

Edit GitHub Gists in VS Code!

Where's my code!?

VS Code Extensions are Bad!

Improve App Bundle Size with Import Cost

I Don't Hate YAML Anymore!

Screenshot VS Code like a pro 📸

Bongo cat loves my code!

HTML in VS Code = Easy Mode

Stop misspelling code in VS Code!

Mastering CSV with VS Code

Write Better YAML in VS Code

Spell Check in VS Code with Code Spell Checker

Boost your productivity with Tailwind CSS in VS Code

AI generated image of neon code symbols floating in the air on black background

10 VS Code Extensions You Need Today

Let's talk about ten Visual Studio Code extensions that every developer, regardless of language or platform, can benefit from using today.

Navigate faster in VS Code with Footsteps

Lint Markdown in VS Code

AI generated image of two neon shipping containers on black background

Communication between containers using docker compose in Windows

In production, our application on a Pi communicates with a Restful API that lives at our clients main office. However, while debugging we need to run them side-by-side. So, docker-compose to the rescue (I think.)

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