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Stopwatch set to one minute and the Deepgram and OpenAI logos

Try Whisper: OpenAI's Speech Recognition Model in 1 Minute

Deepgram has made testing OpenAI's new open-sourced Whisper speech recognition model easy as copy and paste. Try it today!

Creating Short URLs with Netlify Functions and FaunaDb

Creating a personalized short URL service using Netlify functions and FaunaDb.

Updating Notion Cover Images with Pipedream and JavaScript

Using JavaScript and Pipedream to automate changing my Notion cover image each night.

Building 404 Pages That Bring Joy

How we transformed the bad experience of landing on a 404 page into an enjoyable experience with a game.

Toolbox with Microsoft, Linux, and Apple logos

Building a Cross Platform NuGet Package

Learning to build a NuGet package by building a .NET SDK for the Deepgram API, while ensuring it's compatible with as many versions of the .NET Framework and as many platforms as possible.

Building a Discord Bot to Improve Inclusive Language

Helping Discord members use more inclusive language by building a bot using JavaScript & Fauna and hosted by Azure in a Docker container.

Developer Life

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Picture of my mother, Elaine Jolley

Making a Man: Lessons Learned from My Single Mother

Remembering the integrity and tenacity my mom displayed in her life and the lessons she worked to instill in me.

Using Polywork to Break My Unconscious Biases

How I use Polywork to break unconscious biases in the content creators I follow on social platforms.

10 VS Code Extensions You Need Today

Building in Visual Studio Code is amazing and it's made even better by extensions. In this post, we talk about the top 10 VS Code extensions you should be using in 2021.

Adiรณs 2020. Setting Goals for 2021.

2020 was a rough year for everyone. Let's look back at my start of the year goals and see how I did and then set goals for 2021.

Picture of Michaels desk and the words Building my Ultimate Rustic Developers Desk

Building my Ultimate Rustic Developers Desk

Since I started woodworking, I've had the goal of building my own desk, complete with a wireless charger and built-in USB hub.

Live-Coding to Learn, Share and Encourage

A reflection on one year of coding live on Twitch to learn new technologies, share what I know, and encourage others to grow personally & professionally.