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Laravel, HTMX, and TypeScript

Struggling with code? Step one, talk to the rubber duck. Step two, step away. Step three, talk to a team mate or friend.

Fall is so close! My kids got back into the school rhythm this week, which also gets me back into a healthier rhythm. Ready for cooler temps and regular schedules.

On stream this past week, we were discussing what we do when we’ve been banging on code for hours and still fighting the same issue. Everyone seems to have their routine, and some just go heads down and keep banging. For me, if I’m banging on something for 30 minutes to an hour, I step away. Never a long time, but I may sit outside in the sun for a bit, wash our dishes, mow the lawn, or even grab a quick dip in the pool. It’s funny how disengaging for even 5 to 10 minutes can reset your brain to look at a problem in a new light. What’s the old saying: “You can’t see the tree for the forest?”

In fact, when I was in Engineering full-time, I would regularly tell our team “Don’t spend more than 45 minutes struggling with code.” Instead, grab a co-worker and pair on it. It’s amazing how many times you’ll solve a problem just by explaining it to someone else. (Rubber ducks anyone?)

What tricks do you have for hacking your productivity and solving bugs? Hit me up on Twitter (X) at @michaeljolley and let me know.

See you next week!


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Got made an offer and accepted it for a new job.


I’m thankful on a Thursday that I shaved a whole second off a poor performing API endpoint today.

Mary Jo

Got a first-round interview scheduled.


Thankful for the octopus I had at the weekend, delicious.