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Sometimes we all need accountability to get things done. Communities are great for encouraging and sometimes prodding you to get moving.

Are you good at getting things done without outside accountability? I’m terrible at it. I end up procrastinating until the last minute and then crunching to get it done on time. While I get the job done, often times it’s to the detriment of family time, sleep, healthy eating, or exercise.

Of course, working from home with a staff of me, it’s easy for things to get pushed back constantly. A few months ago, realizing I needed some accountability, I posted a to-do list of 5 things that I needed to prioritize to a small group of friends in Discord. I asked for them to push me on them. (Boy, did they deliver. 😁) But honestly, it was super helpful. Because I knew someone was going to ask what progress I was making, I was able to focus and get things done.

Since then, I’ve done the same thing a few times, but even better, I’ve seen people in Discord start to use the same tactic. We’ve got a solid group of folks taking charge of their health, from bike rides, eating healthier, daily walks, to insane push-up challenges, we’re all holding each other accountable and being vulnerable enough to share that we need help. Holy frijole! It’s amazing what we can accomplish together.

If you’re missing something like that in your life, I really want to encourage you to find it. I’m certainly biased, the Build with Me Discord is a great place to start. Come on in, encourage others, and when you’re ready, ask others to help hold you accountable to your goals, whatever they are.

As always, hope your week is great and if I can help with anything, hit me up on the socials.

Until next time! Michael

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I’m thankful for having the opportunity to work and provide for my family.


I’m thankful for a relaxing workation. Happy to be back home with new exciting projects about to start.


I’m thankful that I’ve learned enough to be able to say no to borrowing drama that really doesn’t even relate to me.