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TypeScript, Open Source, and Dog Poop

Hope your week is kicking off in a good way. My family and I spent last week in the Gulf of Mexico for our annual beach vacation. It’s always a great spending time with each other, tanning, swimming, eating, etc. I’ve never come back from that vacation not feeling recharged and this year is no exception. I should really find a way to recharge in my daily/weekly routine, so I don’t burn out before our vacation. How do you stay recharged or are you like me with peaks and valleys of burn-out & productivity?

Of course, today’s list of finds is shorter because I was disconnected from my laptop this week, but still some fun stuff to review.

See you online! Michael

Interesting Finds

  • ​ Back in my .NET days, we had Windows Services, but how do you make background jobs with TypeScript? makes it a little easier with a ton of integrations built in.
  • ElysiaJS: Why not keep talking about TypeScript frameworks? (Can you tell I’ve been searching for something?) ElysiaJS is much like ExpressoTS that I shared a few weeks ago for building solid apps with TypeScript, but Elysia is built for Bun.
  • Mini Hydropower Dam: I found this YouTube channel a few months ago and I’m absolutely hooked. I love all things engineering, not just software. Tell me how you built that building, that car, and in this case, a mini hydropower dam. This joker actually builds real dams with various electronics/etc. and it blows my mind every time.
  • Vercel launched an AI powered UI builder this week. Simply type a description of the HTML/CSS element you want, and it will generate it, with a preview and code.
  • Death by a Thousand Microservices: This was an interesting read. A few years ago, I built a Twitch chat bot (surprising, I know) that was comprised of around 10 different microservices. That was a learning experience more than an actual design choice, but I saw a lot of the same pain points the author mentions here.
  • Open Source ABC’s: Bekah, from Virtual Coffee and OpenSauced, has a great series hosted on discussing topics around open-source and technology in general. I haven’t read all the posts, but she’s up to “Q” now. If you’re new to software development or open source, these are definitely a great read.
  • Dogs Pooping in Beautiful Places 2024 wall calendar: File this one under potty-humor, but this calendar had me actually laughing out loud. Who thinks of this stuff!?

Build with Me Weekly

This week in the Build with Me Community:

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Thankful Thursday Highlights

My cats been on chemo for two years. We may be able to take him off of it because he’ll be fine without it.


I’m thankful for feeling better, getting active, and grooving with life.

Mary Jo

This week I’m thankful for our annual family vacation to the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a great time to unplug and enjoy each other.