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Mario, Dark Matter, and Electrical Engineering for Babies

The code that makes Super Mario move, JavaScript is getting array grouping, and Windows includes AI!?

I’m back up to speed after a great vacation with the family. I’m looking forward to a few live streams on Twitch this week and a special video drop later this week. Honestly, it’s one of the most fun projects I’ve worked on in a long time and has really got my creative juices flowing.

But the whole process had me thinking “this is totally how my mind works. I was made for this.” Have you ever felt that way about something? I wonder how many people work to fund the things they’re really passionate about versus those who get to do what they’re passionate about for a living. Where would you say you fall on that spectrum? DM me on X @michaeljolley and let me know. Also, tell me what really gets you excited, even if it’s not tech related. I love hearing people talk about the things that excite them.

Heck, I spent an hour explaining the rotation of the Earth around the sun and its axis to my 7-year-old son yesterday. Then somehow, that led to a discussion about Einstein’s theory of relativity. I’m not sure how much he retained, but I love science and was having so much fun talking about various physics theories.

See you online! Michael

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Thankful that its TOKYO GAME SHOW this weekend I last went in 2008.


I’m thankful for this new mattress. Who knew our old one was so bad after 20 years?