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Algorithms, GitHub Actions, and mechanical keyboards

I know, I know. “Michael… did you fall asleep last week?” 😂 No, no. I have been covered up with projects and it totally got by me. Nevertheless, I’m back this week with some cool stuff that I’ve found recently.

See you online! Michael

Interesting Finds

  • ​The Last Algorithms Course You’ll Need: ThePrimeagen put together a course for Frontend Masters on algorithms that is pretty inclusive. Luckily, Frontend Masters releases smaller versions on YouTube to give you a taste of the full course. Also, if you’ve not used Frontend Masters, you can sign up for free and watch 5 courses completely free, including this one. If you want to learn more about algorithms this should be your starting point.
  • ​Bruno: Think Postman or Insomnia, but with your privacy in mind. That means no cloud-sync. Use git or any other version control to collaborate over your API collections, but never worry about Bruno knowing what you’re working on.
  • Supercharge your Repository with Code Owners: I read this post by Nick Taylor a few weeks ago and now I’m in love with the CODEOWNERS file in GitHub. My favorite part of having it is being auto-assigned to PRs and being able to restrict PR merges to those that have been approved by a code owner.
  • ​GitHub Actions Worm: Are your GitHub Actions vulnerable? Maybe. I use GitHub Actions on nearly every project I create, and this post really opened my eyes to watching what third party actions I include in my CI/CD processes.
  • ​localStorage? sessionStorage? Web Storage Explained: When should you save to localStorage or sessionStorage? Do they expire? Are they safe? This is a great writeup on FreeCodeCamp that goes into great detail about your options.
  • ​Open-Source API Key Management: If you’ve ever built an API that was consumed by your customers, you understand the complexity of managing their API keys. Temporary keys, limited keys, rate limiting, and analytics are all beasts to conquer when building. Unkey provides an open-source alternative for managing user keys. I cannot wait to try this out.
  • ​Moonlander Mark I Ergonomic Keyboard: The Moonlander is not a new keyboard, but I come across it every 6 months or so and think “this thing is amazing.” One of these days I’ll pull the trigger.

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Thankful Thursday Highlights

I’m thankful for my kiddos. They amaze me all the time. I’m a pretty lucky dad.


I’m thankful for TRT. Get your levels checked middle aged folks!


I’m thankful to be on my way to TwitchCon. It’ll be great to meet a bunch of people in person.


I’m thankful for having access to tools and knowledge for free over the internet.


I’m thankful to be able to stick to my 5k program.

Mary Jo