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Next.js, AI, and the Worst Code Ever Written

Every time I see drama on tech Twitter, I have to laugh. Like, what other industry does this!? When’s the last time you saw drama between two surgeons about what scalpel they use? Can you imagine two landscapers starting beef over John Deere versus Husqvarna mowers? It’s insanity. I feel a little curmudgeonly saying this, but I remember when we built websites without CSS or JavaScript. We styled things with the font tag and laid everything out with tables and transparent GIFs. I guess we should be thankful that languages, frameworks & tooling for software development has gotten so good that we have time to argue about dumb stuff.

Some real cool finds this week. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Adiós! Michael

Interesting Finds

  • Windows Longhorn & the Worst Code I’ve Ever​: A really cool interview with Dave Cutler around the path that Windows took after Windows 2000 to split into two teams, one building the much-maligned Windows Vista.
  • ​Feature Flags for Astro!?​: Lots of applications use feature flags, but this is the first time I’ve seen one for Astro. Actually, FeatureVisor can be used by almost anything, but this guide shows how to add it to an Astro site.
  • ​Next.js 14 is out​: A lot of people have been waiting for the latest release of Next.js. Funnily, it was published just in time for a storm of comments around Next.js vs. Remix on Twitter.
  • A full scale Battlestar Galactica Viper: Builds with Baz has a Facebook group where he is highlighting building a full-scale Battlestar Galactica Viper. This thing is amazing and brings back so many memories.
  • ​Add upvotes, likes, & reviews to any context​: I’ve been thinking of building a “like” feature for my personal website, and Clickvote may have convinced me to use them rather than build my own version.
  • ​A self-hosted AI chatbot with LlamaGPT​: Want to run your own Llama 2 chatbot without worrying about where your data is going? LlamaGPT supports Code Llama models and NVIDIA GPUs and runs in a Docker container.
  • ​Why I Won’t Use Next.js​: Kent Dodds is a very well-respected member of the JavaScript community, and his take on why he chooses Remix over Next.js is articulated well in his blog post.

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Thankful Thursday Highlights

This week I’m thankful for Coffee and Advil.


I’m thankful to have challenges as life is only interesting with them. Well, after going through them. LOL

Mary Jo