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Angular, Copilot, and so many fonts

There’s been a lot going on lately. Lots of announcements, from GitHub to Angular to Vercel, it’s been busy. Of course, this week has .NET Conf with the release of .NET 8 & C# 12. So, you can imagine where some of the drops this week came from.

On a related note, have you noticed this trend of tech companies creating fonts? What a weird trend. That said, I’m totally checking them all out to pick my favorite. 😁

See you next week! Michael

Interesting Finds

  • ​Introducing Angular v17: In addition to a new, pretty cool looking website (although, what’s the deal with frameworks using black, silver, and a gradient in their branding right now,) Angular is back! Angular was my first introduction to TypeScript and frontend frameworks. I’m looking forward to playing with the new bits.
  • ​OpenAI signals it’ll destroy startups using it’s tech: Got a cool startup idea that you’ll use OpenAI for? You might want to rethink that decision. OpenAI has signaled that it has no problem building your app into their product offering.
  • ​What I learned getting acquired by Google: Having never been at a startup that was acquired, I live vicariously through these types of articles and find them absolutely fascinating.
  • Habits of great software engineers: There is so much content that is essentially click-bait with ‘n ways to be a better JS developer’, etc. that it was a pleasant surprise to read a legitimately good article. After 20+ years in engineering, I can vouch for all of these tips.
  • Geist font by Vercel: Thanks, Vercel. You may not have gotten all the features you wanted in Next.js in the latest releases, but at least you got a font. 🤣
  • Monaspace font by GitHub: Didn’t like Geist? That’s okay. GitHub wants you to love their new font. Actually, Monaspace is more like a font family with several different styles to choose from. Personally, I’m still deciding between Argon & Krypton.
  • Inshellisense: IDE autocomplete: What a cool idea. This Microsoft repository brings intellisense functionality to nearly any terminal you want, including those on Linux & Mac. I cannot wait to install this next week and give it a try.
  • GitHub is betting big on Copilot: Copilot has really increased my productivity in VS Code, and now GitHub is bringing all that goodness to Here’s a rundown of GitHub Universe showcasing all the features that are on the way.
  • Make iTerm2 look fantastic: I’ve been using a new Mac recently, so I’ve had to go through the whole “setup” process. This was a great video to help me get my iTerm2 closer to what I’m used to.

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