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OKLCH, Vite, and .NET goodies!

Switching to a Mac this week has made me more productive than I've been in months.

Don’t ask me why, but I made the switch to a Mac a couple weeks ago. This was my first week doing actual work on it. There’s been a lot of adjustment but luckily the crew in the Build with Me Discord has been super helpful suggesting apps & tools I should use. Honestly, one of the biggest productivity boosts I’ve had from it is the fact that the games I used to play on the PC don’t work on Mac. 😁

Seriously, wow! What a productive week! It feels good to finally be getting things done. I had a blast watching .NET Conf & MS Ignite this week. .NET 8 looks great and I’m really stoked by a couple of the announcements. I’ll be posting a ton of content showing it off in the coming weeks.

But back to Mac vs. PC. Which do you use? Ping me on Twitter @michaeljolley and let me know what you like about each.

See you next week! Michael

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