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SvelteKit, Bun, and Developer Dad Jokes

From JavaScript to .NET, this Brain Dump is full of holiday gifts.

Happy holidays!

I hope you and your family are enjoying this season and hopefully had a great weekend. I woke up this morning determined to ignore my scale because it would be ashamed of what I’ve eaten the past few days. 😁 So, it’s back to the gym for a few days before I try and weigh myself again.

Every year we spend a good portion of our holidays with family, immediate and extended. I always come home feeling tired, but fully of happiness and love. It’s always a reminder that we should prioritize spending time with our loved ones throughout the year.

A month ago, we celebrated Thanksgiving in the US with our family at the lake. It was my sons first time fishing and while he didn’t catch anything, my father-in-law caught a bass. Since then, my son has been dying to go fishing again. While our holiday season is normally warm (it’s not uncommon to have temperatures of 75°F (22.5°C) on Christmas Day,) this year has been much cooler than normal. Last week my son came to me asking “can we go fishing today?” I had to respond, “dude, it’s 32°F (0°C) outside!” He replied, “that’s the perfect temperature for catching rainbow trout!” For those that aren’t familiar with fishing wildlife in Alabama, the closest rainbow trout would likely be 400 miles away. Thanks to ​Wild Kratts​ for teaching my 8-year-old about rainbow trout.

Enjoy the links and I’ll catch you next time,

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I’m thankful for listening to a podcast with Jeff Fritz on talking about coding on Twitch and then approx. four years later, I have found lots of like-minded people, many now friends, and I’m in a dev job.


Thankful my daughters are more mature than I was at their age.